Berlin Design Week 2022 | OPEN STUDIO NIGHT

Berlin Design Week MotionLab.Berlin

MotionLab.Berlin is a Berlin based hardtech innovation hub and makerspace, with exclusive access to high-end machinery for prototyping in combination with coworking and community. In addition to office space, it also offers different sized MakerGarages, which can be individually designed to meet the needs of our customers. The unique infrastructure ensures, that young hardtech entrepreneurs are immersed in the optimal environment to successfully realize their projects and develop their company. Aside from growing a strong network with partners, manufacturers, investors and customers, MotionLab.Berlin members profit from a clear competitive advantage through faster product development and reduced developing costs.  


That’s why we also have many young and talented artists onsite with us, who can live out their creative energy. The resulting outcome are different, exciting and innovative ideas and projects which we would like to show in the Berlin Design Week this year!

"What makes MotionLab.Berlin special is the variety of creatives people that work in different disciplines, from high tech to artistic craftsmanship."



Instagram: @open_funk


re:Mix is a sustainable kitchen mixer made for your own glass jars, customizable to look great in your kitchen, and built to last a lifetime. Thanks to its modular design, re:Mix remains forever repairable and upgradable. It’s open source and made in Berlin, from durable and regional materials. By making things in a circular, local, decentralized, open-source way, we are taking a radically different path to current industry practices. This approach leads to increased product lifetime, less emissions, less natural resources used, and the empowerment of local communities. Come over to our booth during the Berlin Design Week to see re:Mix in action and make your own smoothie or cocktail! During that time, the crowdfunding campaign for re:Mix will be live, so you can pre-order yours and make it a reality.




Instagram: @motor.skins

MotorSkins_ Discreet (1)©_Motorskin_BDW22

MotorSkins are textiles that come to life: shape-changing haptic and interactive textile surfaces. We bring back Touch as a way to interact with technology and the world around us, providing a break from the audiovisual saturation of everyday life. MotorSkins is an interdisciplinary company specialized in textiles with embedded fluidics for human-machine interaction. We foster innovation through a curiosity-driven and material-based exploration process. We seal hydraulic and pneumatic systems within a multilayer arrangement. Our expertise is in the design of the fluidic circuits (inner structure, materials and process) and their behavior when pressurized.

MS_ Blue leaf in hand 1 (1)©_Motorskin_BDW22


Micro-engineered smart second-skin suits to protect from harsh climate to empower to act in difficult conditions and in crisis areas to provide disaster relief. The suits will be usable for sports, extreme sports, and outdoor activities as well. A 3d printable rod as a suspension for seamless
garments. The suits are designed in multiple layers and create modular smart ecosystems which can be customized based on use. The challenge is to create a reusable product which can be maintained using 3D printed replacing components, to pass to your relatives.



“With Necken I want to give the wearer the opportunity to display a statement necklace without directly sharing its meaning with the world. The letters create a relief on the neck which may seem almost rough to the viewer. Their two colours create an optical effect in movement. The secret message of the necklace can be sweet orstrong; Self-empowerment is at the core of this design for me.” 


The necklace consists of threaded elements that create letters which in turn form words and phrases together. The laser-cut letters are dyed with natural pigments to give them their vibrant colours. Each necklace can be individually designed according to the wishes of the owner. The project was created with the idea of using wood scraps left over by other artists as sustainability was always a key factor in the design and its process. Madeleine Marquardt creates colour-popping letters with her light, skin-friendly elements. They are artistic in their design and versatile.

madeleine marquardt_Necken 01_BDW22
madeleine marquardt_Necken 02_BDW22



Instagram: @perlensau

An endless urge to create, technical know-how and futuristic aesthetic provided a perfect breeding ground for the founder Nina Kharytono-va and her partner Jacob Jungenkrüger (who left the brand by the end of 2020). This passion for innovative looks was a driving force to let the brand flourish. Since than the label reached pretty fast popularity in Berlin and abroad the city, creating with their designs a constantly growing networking in the inter- disciplinary of arts like fashion editorials, music videos, performances etc. Some of these designs are really provocative and over the top or even more than visionary, but each of them transforms even the most unimpressive outfit into a stunning eye-catcher.



Tensegrity, tensional integrity or floating compression is a structural principle based on a system of isolated components under compression inside a network of continuous tension, and arranged in such a way that the compressed members do not touch each other while the prestressed tensioned members delineate the system spatially. This experimental Floating Table explores the physics of tensional integrity through a whole some design and precise craftsmanship. It is an interplay between design, physics, engineering, craftsmanship, and digital automation. It is a result of precisely engineered pieces coming together through physical equilibrium. It is pushing the limits of digital automatization. It is a piece of design that prompts the viewer to analyze and explore. It is a metaphor to the duality of everything in life working together to create a whole.




Migration is a word with strong political, social and human connotations, which is steeped in history and emotion. It is a reality that mobilizes the world. For the Migration of Matter project, Peruvian designer Cindy Valdez has joined forces with Australian industrial designer Nicholas Perillo, to create new designs inspired by the patterns of nature, biodiversity and digital technology, in their Berlin studio. The Biophilia collection utilises technology as a means to reflect on issues around biodiversity of flora, food and local resources. Each piece tells a unique story and is created through a fusion of crafts, para metric design and new technology in clay 3D printing.

DSC07603_ceramics_pots-3dprintingclay_biophilia_©_Cindy_Valdez Studio_Migration of matter
DSC06900ceramics_pots-3dprintingclay_biophilia_©_Cindy_Valdez Studio_Migration of matter.
DSC05970ceramics_pots-3dprintingclay_biophilia_©_Cindy_Valdez Studio_Migration of matter




Instagram: @drehkules

Drehkules is a young startup based in Berlin. Our team of five people creates Motion Tech for Creators. Exhibit your design pieces on our turntable and show it from all sides. With perfect lighting and various backgrounds. The Drehkules Cinematic Studio Box is a mobil station with an integrated video booth. Thus, visitors are encouraged to exhibit an art object on our turntable, to make a presentive video of their rotating project. Make the world spin around your art crafts, products and more. Drehhkules provides you with technology to implement your creative projects. Your personal art should be the focus. Try it out and film your creative work.

2022-02-10_Drehkules MAX_Farbige_Hintergruende.122.1
2022-01-12_Drehkules Max Modelle_002.24


Instagram: @elis.ollero

Elis Ollero is an architect working in the field of experimental design. His expertise lies in the design and production of limited or one of the kind collectible design pieces. Everything from prototyping to production is done in house.



Brutal Shade

The Brutal Shade is a design exploration and combination of brutalist architecture of the past with a hint of futurism. Using newest production technologies while speaking the brutal design language of the past. When turned on the object creates a dystopian light experience, letting everything glow in a monochromatic yellow leaving no space or any other color.