Electronic Meetup // Meetup

Welcome to the official MotionLab Electronics Meetup! We meet every week to geek out on all things electronic.

All levels of skill and interest are welcome!

We encourage you to bring your own project and work alongside us, or join one of our community creations. We will provide help and experience to beginners and the motivation of a community to everyone.

Currently we are switching over to a monthly project based structure, where every member can vote on the next month’s focus.

If you have ideas feel free to bring them along. Or just vote for our next community idea.

We also have a long-running project that people are welcome to add to: We built our very own Dalek robot! He’s looking very sad at the moment, someone needs to fix his disco ball!

Bring your own Laptop with your favourite IDE and EDA software, or just come by and ask what that even means 🙂
We have members experienced in Eagle, KiCad, PlatformIO, gcc/++, and Arduino studio etc. And we can help with Win/OSX/Linux issues.

As a group we can provide all the usual prototyping tools and equipment. To use the larger available machines (3D printer/laser cutter etc.) for your own projects, you need to pass one of our in-house training sessions and be an active MotionLab member.

Looking forward to seeing you at MotionLab!

P.s. You don’t have to R.S.V.P but it does help us communicate with everyone.


Jun 29 2020


18:30 - 21:30


MotionLab.Berlin, Halle 20, Bouchéstraße 12, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland, Motionlab Main Building-0-Main Hall-Arena (50)


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