Talking hardtech | Agency or in house product development? Hardtech prototyping and its challenges

It’s time for our next hardtech talking panel discussion again! This time with the topic: „Agency or in house product development?  Hardtech prototyping and its challenges.“ 

As always, we have great speakers with us on stage, cold drinks in the fridge and plenty of time to discuss your questions and experiences as well.


You can expect an exciting hardtech talking panel discussion highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the product development process. Besides this, there will be many personal insights and experiences from our panel speakers. Let’s talk hardtech!

  • 6:00 – Open doors
  • 6:30 – Intro & welcome
  • 6:40 – Panel discussion
  • 7:30 – Networking

We are very happy to welcome you back at MotionLab.Berlin and to spend a great evening with you!

That’s why we do it:

Startups represent innovation. They conquer and change markets. Digital solutions within social networking or food delivery apps or online doctor visits may have simplified our lives. But they have failed to address the much bigger problems we face.

Global warming, scarcity of resources, poverty. These are problems for which we need more than just a software solution. We need new hardware technologies and founders who are brave enough to innovate and challenge the status quo. All while using less resources. In the initial phases of a startup development it is a known fact that unlike software ideas – who often just need a laptop and internet access to launch their idea – hardware concepts require a high degree of physical materials, machinery and space. And this is where we come in. Our goal is to provide hardtech startups with what they need to be successful.

What is MotionLab.Berlin?

MotionLab.Berlin is a Berlin based hardtech innovation hub and maker space. We offer exclusive access to high-end machinery and prototyping in combination with coworking and community. In addition to office space, we offer different sized MakerGarages, which can be individually designed to meet the needs of our customers. The unique infrastructure ensures, that young hardtech entrepreneurs are immersed in the optimal environment to successfully realize their projects and develop their company. From maker and artist, to startups and investors, this is the place where innovations happen.


Apr 28 2022






MotionLab.Berlin, Halle 20, Bouchéstraße 12, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland, Motionlab Main Building-0-Main Hall-Arena (50)


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