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The story behind MakerGarages

The story behind MakerGarages

If you heard of us before, are following our social media accounts or have been on our website, you are probably already familiar with our MakerGarages


For all of you, who do not know what a MakerGarage is – let me explain:

When we started MotionLab.Berlin in 2017, we were convinced, that an open space is everything young founders and creatives will need. Exchanging ideas, failures and experience has never been easier – but then one thing became clear: as nice and beneficial an open space might be – you may simply not want your competition to see your prototype. 


So what we needed was a solution combining the advantages an open space has with the privacy of a private lab. And that’s when the MakerGarages were born.


From 15qm up to 100qm our MakerGarages have one thing in common: they can be whatever you want them to be. Do you want to have a laboratory where you can develop the newest solar panels or maybe a high tech lab where you can start building a space shuttle? Or more realistically speaking, you might want to work on a solution that will change the way mobility works – however this may look like. Either way, the place where you will start working on the next big thing, should be the way you want and need it to be. That’s why all our MakerGarages look different. Unique. They are set up and customised exactly to the owner’s desire and needs. 


I’m sure that you already have some ideas in mind, but to underline them, here comes some inspiration: 

MakerGarage Nr.1

HFM - The Motionboard


Wrenches hanging on the walls, screws laying on the floor and the smell of grease is in the air. Real work is being done here. Since hour one the team of HFM is working in the halls of MotionLab.Berlin. (To be exact, even before the foundation of MotionLab.Berlin, but that’s another story). 


Clicking trough the slider above, the pictures are showing the great work from HFM, the Hanseatische Fahrzeug Manufaktur GmbH. The team specializes in the development of highly complex mechatronics systems for electric and autonomous vehicles. The vehicle, called Motionboard® is a platform for customized interior designs on special customers’ requests in different dimensions. 


The Motionboard was build in one of our L MakerGarages with a size of 50m2 and a fully customize design, which gives the team enough room to store their own tools, but also the space to work right on the prototype. 

MakerGarage Nr.2

ONO - the new circles of mobility


Our second example: The ONO. One or another has probably already discovered her on Berlin’s streets. She is a real eye-catcher and her home is an approximately 100m2 MakerGarage in the Hardware Innovation Hub MotionLab.Berlin. 

ONO’s founders, pioneer in e-mobility solutions, Beres Seelbach, former head of design at Mercedes and Volkswagen, Murat Günak, and light electric vehicle expert and engineer, Philipp Kahle, sought to rethink and reshape modern urban transportation. They put together a forward-thinking group of designers, engineers and creative thinkers who shared their vision of transforming urban mobility. (You can learn more about ONO, by clicking here)

The e-mobility company introduces a whole new category of emissions-free vehicle: the Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT), which was build in a XL MakerGarage in our space and combines the flexibility of a bicycle with the capacity and durability of a van. ONO offers an environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions designed and optimized for cities of today.


This are only two examples, how our MakerGarages can be used, but that is not all by far.

If you are curious and want to learn more,  book a personal tour and come by!

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