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HORUS – talking hardware

“The use of innovative manufacturing technologies allows our self-developed knee joint to have the features of expensive solutions but at a much lower cost”


In todays TALKING HARDWARE episode, we are featuring HORUS, who are working on the creation of affordable prosthetics legs for daily life.


I am happy that Asbjörn Jarotta, Eduardo Sotelo & Gabriel Hurtado, had the time to answer our questions. 

Have fun reading and leave a comment if you have feedback or questions.

Give us your 30 seconds elevator pitch. What is it that you are working on? And who are the masterminds behind your company/idea?

We make reliable and affordable prosthetics legs for daily life. By offering a subscription model, we remove all the pain points people with above knee amputation face, leaving their motivation as the key factor to be on the path again. The use of innovative manufacturing technologies allows our self-developed knee joint to have the features of expensive solutions but at a much lower cost.

How did you find each other and what was the final moment, when you decided you’re going to found a company together?
Asbjörn and me studied together the bachelor and master at the Beuth UAS. Gabriel was doing his master in Frankfurt and I contacted him through contacts in the peruvian central bank.
Why did you decide to start working on a hardware idea?

Because Asbjörn is a lower limb amputee and I’m from Peru. The idea exist since the moment we met. But now the point finally came, where we decided to concrete the idea.

Why did you choose the city of Berlin to found a company? Do you think the city has an impact of how successful your project will be?

Asbjörn and I have been living in Berlin for more than 10 years. So we are still on the way to succeed haha, but yes the Berlin startup ecosystem is helping us a lot

If you could have one additional skill in your team, who would get it, what would it be and why?

We complement each other very good. Its normal that we are not perfect and that we cant do everything, but we always think that we will find a solution or advice for the problems we face.

What do you want to achieve with your startup?

That people can walk again after a leg amputation.

What was your biggest fuck up during your startup career?

To be denied many times from different institutions because our idea or team was not “good” enough.

Which is the part of running a startup, that scares you the most and which is most fun?

To run out of money and the inspected future of how things develop

When was the last time you really celebrated a success and what was it about?

When I saw Asbjörn walking for the first time with our prosthetic leg.

If you could change your life with every person in the world right now - would you do it? And if yes, with whom?

I think I am happy with who I am, so I would stay on myself and maybe try to keep improving.

Why are you at MotionLab.Berlin?

To work on my project and to meet great people.

Would you rather have the skills to see 10 minutes into your future or to reset what happened in the last 10 minutes?

I prefer to stay in the present because it’s what I have learned from the past and it defines my future.

What is your favorite song, that motivates you and brings you through a tough working day?
What is the current status quo of your project?

We are on the sample B phase and applying for the Berliner Startup Stipendium.

Are you currently looking for something specific? Investors, specific knowledge or positions?

We are looking for a business lawyer right now.

If the 14 year old you would read this interview, what is the one thing you want him to know?

Always believe in yourself and do what you love.

Who is probably the proudest person in your circle of what you have achieved in the last years?

I’m proud of all people that are around me.

When was the last time you got really sick of what you are doing and why?

My Formula Student time was really hard, but I enjoyed it.

If someone invested 1 million euro in your startup tomorrow, what would you use the money for?

Reinvest it.

Anything else?

Thank you for the interview.

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