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How Aulios creates a music based light show that plays in a fully automated way


A lot has happened in the last few years. Progress is happening and many areas are rapidly driving innovation. But despite this, there are still many things in which too little has changed – especially when it comes to social responsibility, climate justice and environmental protection.


And that is precisely where we see our responsibility. We make things right and wake up industries. We are shaking up those who have been asleep for so long. And we do it, with the most talented students and the strongest partners we could find. We make up for what didn’t happen. We MakeUp Internet of Things!


Together with CODE University for Applied Sciences, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the IoT+ Network, we developed the MakeUp Internet of Things incubation program. Over a period of two years, more than 130 students will complete the program and be trained as experts in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The goal is to educate within IoT and promote the realization of IoT projects by combining technical knowledge with software programming and the construction of physical products.


Today we find out in the report from Aulios what they’ve been working on.

Short description

“We are developing a computer program that will allow us to control the lighting in clubs, at concerts, and festivals and create a light show based on the music that plays in a fully automated way.”



This sentence was the answer my Co-founder Alexander Gerick and I (Marius Marx) gave during our Interview at the end of October to Alexander Hüsing from Deutsche Start-ups, to the question “How would you describe AULIOS to your grandma?“



While the global standard for light show creation during events is to let them be controlled manually by a so-called light jockey or create a light show beforehand, which consumes weeks of preparation by teams of light technicians, AULIOS makes the creation of light shows cheaper, more reliable, increases the quality, and more flexible all at the same time. When we started to pursue AULIOS as a B2B solution, we directly built a team of 9 people to work all together to make our vision a reality. We aimed to make fast progress, and we succeeded. Within a few months, we were able to build a working prototype, our website, win 25.000€ in prize money, gain partners, and now we are two weeks away from onboarding our partner clubs as first customers and expanding our software to more clubs. 


This is a very brief description of what happened, and there were way more obstacles than expected, but the results speak for themselves. Our next steps are to onboard +10 nightclubs as paying customers and celebrate a fantastic launch party at Anomalie Art club here in Berlin before we head towards our next project phase and initiate our growth phase to grow beyond Berlin and Germany and start to conquer more and more nightclubs and other events.


There is much more I could tell you, but the best way to understand AULIOS is to experience our light shows and the team. Feel free to reach out via or visit if you have questions, want to join our journey, or have crazy ideas to discuss.


Looking forward to talking with you,

Marius Marx



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