About MotionLab.Berlin


Our community makes technical innovations accessible to everyone.


We create inspiring environments and provide tailored tools to transport tech from idea to market.

The founding story

“If you ask Christoph Neye how MotionLab.Berlin was born, he always replies with a big grin:


“Actually, I only wanted to build a bicycle.”



And with that in mind in late 2017 the story of Europe’s first prototyping space for hardware in mobility began. Today it is a huge innovation hub and home to over 50 startups and more than 300 community members.

Like many startups, it all started with a small idea and very personal challenges. Back then, and without knowing it, each of the three founders faced different problems that they could have solved with a place like that of MotionLab.Berlin. For this reason, they decided to create and nurture a space that would have solved their personal challenges back in 2017.


During the first few months, the three founders were confronted with many unplanned and unforeseen situations. They had to remain flexible, as it was not uncommon for supply and demand to change direction. With endless feedback from the first members, discussions with mentors and a lot of own creative will, MotionLab.Berlin developed further and became what it is today.”

MotionLab.Berlin today

2019 was an exciting second year of business and we are pleased to present the development of MotionLab ML GmbH and the influence of our community on the tech startup scene in this year’s annual report.

Transparency and open cooperation are two of our fundamental values, which is why it is important for us to provide insights not only of our company development but also of our community.


Annual Report 2019

  • Annual Overview & Milestones
  • Member & Partner
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem & Network
  • Event Overview

Thank you for the great support you have given MotionLab.Berlin and for all you have done to contribute to our mission. We are certain that we will continue to drive innovation in Germany together!

DOWNLOAD: Annual Report 2019

Download our Annual Report 2019 PDF and learn more about us, our community and future plans.

    The Team

    We are more than just a group of people who see each other at the office. 
    We are friends, supporters, critics. We are as colourful as our community.
    From techie to entrepreneur.


    We are continuously developing the possibilities you have at MotionLab.Berlin. New ideas often bring new technical challenges – we provide the right environment, the right infrastructure as well as planing our expansion in new locations.

    Fridtjof Gustavs
    Fridtjof Gustavs | Founder
    Christoph Neye
    Christoph Neye | Founder
    Christoph Iwasjuta
    Christoph Iwasjuta | Founder

    Business Development

    The core task of our Business Development Team is to continuously improve both our space and our service offering. This we aim to achieve through the targeted development of tailor-made offers and the implementation of strategic ideas, thereby making the realisation of your projects even easier.


    Your perfect contact for:
    #Sales #Marketing #BusinessModel #Partnerships #Serviceofferings #Memberships #SocialMedia #Accelerator #BusinessRelations

    Nadine Obermeier
    Nadine Obermeier | no@motionlab.berlin
    Marcel Schiffner
    Marcel Schiffner | ms@motionlab.berlin
    Varinhia Giedeck
    Varinhia Giedeck | vg@motionlab.berlin


    The mission of our Operations Team is to get your project off the ground by ensuring it runs smoothly without having to worry about those tedious daily challenges. In so doing, they make possible to ensure that our community is a carefree community.


    Your perfect contact for:
    #Memberships #Space #Workshops #Onboarding #MeetingRooms #MachineryBooking

    Ulli Palm
    Ulli Palm | up@motionlab.berlin
    Rainer Voigt
    Rainer Voigt | rv@motionlab.berlin
    Laura Kühner
    Laura Kühner | lk@motionlab.berlin
    Lili Csuka
    Lili Csuka | lc@motionlab.berlin
    Elis Ollero
    Elis Ollero | eo@motionlab.berlin
    Tayla Sheldrake
    Tayla Sheldrake | ts@motionlab.berlin

    Tech Infrastructur

    As the Tech Infrastructure Team, we help you with the technical implementation of your ideas and offer assistance with problems in prototyping and design. Our daily goal is to give the community and the start ups the opportunity to realise their projects. Furthermore we also offer prototyping as a service.


    Your perfect contact for:

    #Tech #Innovation #Workshop #Prototyping #3DPrinting #Lasercut #CNC

    Guido van Toor
    Guido van Toor | gvt@motionlab.berlin
    Rene Giese
    Rene Giese | rene.giese@berlin-tech-academy.de
    Jan Carsten
    Jan Carsten | jan.carsten@berlin-tech-academy.de