Anyone who has ever tried classic coworking will immediately notice the difference. Thus, how could one possibly forget about our concept? 


It all started with a little idea and the right people.  Today we are more than 250 members and 50 startups, who have all found more than just a home in our halls at the foot of Görlitzer Park in Berlin Alt Treptow.


The unique combination of hardware prototyping and coworking is just one of many unusual but successful components here.

Here software meets hardware. Tech nerds meet business men (and women) and tradesmen. This is where programming, screwing and hammering is done. Coworking including machine access and workshops?


Sounds exciting? It is.


This is where ideas are realized, discarded and rethought.


Just like our environment, we are constantly developing, remaining flexible and agile, adapting and yet remaining true to ourselves, in that nothing stays the same. We are our own prototype, neither perfect nor finished, but all the more fascinating, adaptable and distinctive.


With our coworking membership, you’ll be right in the middle of the action and part of our MotionLab.Berlin family

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