How am I insured?

We have a company, product and environmental liability insurance 
However, we recommend that you take out your own liability insurance.


Who is Rainer?

Rainer is our facility manager – our superman. No matter what, he is your go to man. You’re sure to find him working in some corner of MotionLab.Berlin and if not, you’ll hear him. We promise you that.


When is MotionLab.Berlin offnet?

Our regular opening hours are from MO-FR 9.00-20.00. But, as a Professional Member you even have 24/7 access.


Can I come on the weekends?

Of course. There’s always something going on here and you’re sure to find one or two people who’d like to have a beer with you. 


How do I get access?

As a member you get access via our MotionLab.Berlin Key App.


Do you manufacturer products for others?

We currently do not manufacture products for others. Exceptions are 3D-prints which can be ordered from our partner 3DK.Berlin. In the future, however, we want to make our manufacturing service available to you.


Do you use green energy?

We have solar panels on the roof.


How do I get support for my project?

If you need help just contact us. But don’t be afraid to reach out to our community, they are super supportive and always down for challenge. 


Where can I find an overview of all your startups?

Check out our community page.


What means of payment do you accept?

SEPA Direct Debit.


When will MotionLab be available in my city?

We hope it will be soon.


Can I park at MotionLab.Berlin?

It is not possible to park directly at our facility (only for a short time, e.g. for loading or unloading). But you can park directly in front of our door in the Jordanstraße.


What languages do you speak?

Our Team: German, English, Hungarian, Bavarian, Italian, Afrikaans, Dutch and Spanish. 
Our members surely speak even more. But that you will have to find out for yourself 😉


What storage facilities are available?

In our warehouse we have various pallets, which can be rented for 50 Euro per month.


Does one have to apply to be part of MotionLab.Berlin?

Yep, for a team membership we want to know more about you and your project. 

How do I become a member? 
Just swing by our MotionLab.Berlin frontdesk and sign up for a membership. 


What are your notice periods? 
We do not want to limit your flexibility. With us you can cancel your membership monthly.


How can I cancel my membership?
You can easily cancel your membership via Cobot. To do so, go to membership → Manage membership → Terminate your membership and simply cancel it. You can also ask for help at the frontdesk. 

Can I charge my eletric vehicle at MotionLab.Berlin?
We have 3 charging stations that are available for our members.


Can I bring friends/guests?

Friends and guests are welcome to come along and experience the MotionLab.Berlin feeling.


Do you really have a pool?

In the past, during the summer months, a pool existed. So the possibility exists 😉


How do I use the gym?

Come and lift 🙂 Members may also use our gym. There are also free crossfit classes, every Tuesday and Thursday (also for non-members).


How do I get to know the Community?

Just dive into the lab life. Cook in the kitchen during the lunch break, come to our New Member Breakfast, enjoy our summer barbecues… just approach the people and talk to them.


Where does the coffee come from?

Well, from our coffee machine, of course 😀 and who appreciates good coffee can get their coffee from our professional barista Jon.


What type of beer do you have?

Bavarian, of course. After all, we attach great importance to quality.


You don’t have tool XYZ – now what?

In such a case please contact our Tech Infrastructure Team! We are always open for suggestions in which areas machines/tools are still missing or could be useful.


Are children welcome?

As a general rule, admission is only permitted from the age of 18, but in exceptional cases children can be brought along under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


Are dogs welcome?



Can I drive the crane?

What? Which crane? 

Coming soon

Where do I find out about up and coming events?

You can find all our events on our screens, in the events Slack channel or in the MotionLab.Berlin newsletter (


Can I host my own event?

You are more than welcome to! On the website you can find our Event Space Guide with information about our event spaces, or simply contact our Event Team directly (


Dou you have guided tours?

Yes, every Friday at 6 pm there is a free tour of MotionLab.Berlin to which you are cordially invited. You can register on Meetup. You can also book different types of tours for groups (e.g. The MotionLab.Berlin Tour, StartUp Meet & Greet, Founder Innovation Speech), just contact our Event Team (


When can I come by?

Our opening hours are: MO. – FR. 9.00 – 20.00 hours. Our Professional Members have 24/7 access.


How do I take part in a Workshop?

Simply select and book a workshop on the Berlin Tech Academy website.


What do your workshops cost?

Our workshops have different prices. It always depends on the workshop and whether you are a MotionLab.Berlin member or not.

Usually the price starts at 30 Euro (for members).  You can find the prices for the individual workshops on our website under Workshops  or on the website of our partner of the Berlin Tech Academy.