This hygiene plan serves as a concrete action and organizational aid in the everyday life of the Motionlab ML GmbH business premises. The measures described below are aimed at preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and thus protecting the persons staying at the educational facilities. All persons staying on the premises of Motionlab ML GmbH are required to carefully follow the described measures. The hygiene plan is largely based on the instructions and measure regulations of the Robert-Koch-Instituts and the Berliner Senat.


Instructions/ Notes/ Information

An essential basis of protective measures is education and information in order to ensure understanding of the individual measures and to create acceptance for them. In accordance with the legal requirements of occupational safety, the measures described below are presented and explained. These additional instructions on the applicable hygiene and clearance rules must be carried out personally by all MotionLab ML GmbH employees. In the house and on the premises, the participants are made aware of the existing rules at essential points via information signs.


Protection measures and rules in detail

The novel coronavirus is transmissible from person to person. It is mainly transmitted via droplet infection (speaking, coughing, sneezing). Indirect transmission via hands, which then come into contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose, is also possible. Transmission through smear infection via contaminated surfaces is currently considered unlikely by experts, but cannot be completely ruled out. According to the current recommendations of the RKI, a distance of at least 1.5 m is required in the MotionLab ML GmbH premises. Likewise, special importance is attached to personal hygiene.

 In view of this background, the following measures are being implemented:


General traffic routes/ flow of people/ basic rules

  • If possible in all situations the distance of 1.5 m between persons in all directions is required
  • In principle, all persons on the entire premises must wear a mouth-nose protection. For persons who do not bring their own mouth-nose protection, such are provided free of charge
  • The smoking areas are equalized by extensive attachment of additional ashtrays
  • The workshops, canteens, corridors and stairwells of the buildings are ventilated particularly intensively
  • The canteen remains open until further notice. Here, too, the distance rule must be observed. Therefore, the tables will be placed at the appropriate distance. Accumulations of people at the food distribution are avoided by staggered break times.

Personal hygiene

    • In addition to the distance requirement, the following hygiene standards must be observed.
    • Basic hygiene including hand hygiene
    • Regular and intensive hand washing with soap (see also: www.infektionsschutz.de/haendewaschen)
    • Particular attention must be paid to hand hygiene after entering the premises from public areas – after using public transport – after contact with stair rails, door handles, handholds and other surfaces in contact with hands of the general public – before putting on and taking off a protective mask – before and after eating – after cleaning nose, coughing or sneezing – after going to the toilet.
    • Hand disinfection – Information on effective hand disinfection is posted at the disinfection stations (see also: www.aktion-sauberehaende.de)
    • Do not touch the face with your hands, especially not the mucous membranes, i.e. do not touch the mouth, nose and eyes
    • Do not touch publicly accessible objects such as handrails, door handles, etc. with your hands/fingers, use elbows if necessary. 
    • Cough and sneeze etiquette: Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm, keep the greatest possible distance to others and turn away.

Disinfectant is available in the entrance area of the buildings and at the entrances to the corridors. In the reception area, the reception service is staffed in such a way that there is always a person present who can observe the compliance with the house rules and, if necessary, take corrective action. All employees and members adhere to the rules; employees of Motionlab ML GmbH pay particular attention to the adherence to the hygiene rules among members.


Workstation design

  • Coworkers and the members are to be protected by the distance requirement and a general mouth nose protection recommendation. Where the distance rule cannot be adhered to in everyday working life, there is a duty to protect the mouth and nose.
  • Where home office is possible, this should be preferred.
  • The rooms must be sufficiently ventilated (at least every 30 min./ shock ventilation).


Seminar rooms/ workshops / workshop areas

    • In order to maintain the required distance of at least 1.5 m during daytime operation, the participants must be able to sit far enough apart in the rows of tables in the seminar rooms. For this purpose, the designated seats are placed at the minimum distance. The tables in the rooms are moved so far apart that there is a distance of 1.5 m to the next seat. The seminar rooms and workshops must be adequately ventilated.

Work tools

    • Work equipment and tools are to be used by employees and members in a personalized manner wherever possible. If this is not possible, the wearing of gloves will be checked, which are available for distribution. If the wearing of gloves is not possible due to other occupational safety aspects or skin health reasons, disinfectant is provided for surface disinfection.

Sanitary rooms

    • To support effective hand hygiene, sufficient liquid soap (disinfection soap) and disposable towels are available in the sanitary rooms. Information on how to wash your hands properly is available in all sanitary rooms. The distance rule must also be complied with in the sanitary rooms.



  • The RKI does not recommend surface disinfection in business premises; thorough cleaning is currently considered sufficient.
  • In the MotionLab.Berlin, a complete cleaning (without surfaces) is carried out in the morning and a further cleaning of the sanitary areas and the renewed emptying of waste containers in the entire building in the afternoon.
  • Due to the current COVID pandemic, the following additional services are agreed upon with the cleaning company:
  • Surface cleaning (tables, with soap solution) in the seminar rooms and workshops, if necessary twice daily after intensive use
  • Thorough cleaning of the surfaces often touched by hand as part of the morning cleaning
  • Handrails – door handles and handles of doors – handles (e.g. on windows and drawers)
  • Light switches

Access by other non-company persons

The access of other persons outside the company must be reduced to a minimum. If possible, the goods / delivery traffic should be handled exclusively by the reception service. Only events within the framework of the regulations of the Berlin Senate (www.berlin.de/corona/massnahmen/verordnung/) will take place during regular business hours. Room rental to external parties is reduced to a minimum and is avoided as far as possible.



Instructions for action in suspicious cases 

In particular, fever, cough and shortness of breath can be signs of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Persons with such symptoms should be asked to leave the premises immediately and stay at home until a medical examination has been carried out. MotionLab.Berlin employees are urged to look out for corresponding symptoms among employees and members.

If a confirmed infection is detected (by the public health department), contact persons will be identified and if necessary quarantined by the public health department.

The 2nd Infection Protection Measures Ordinance by the Berlin Senate

The amended Infection Protection Measures Ordinance comes into effect March 31, 2021. 


A detailed version can be viewed here and adds the following rules to all MotionLab.Berlin members on the entire MotionLab.Berlin premises:

  1. All MotionLab.Berlin members are required to take a Corona rapid test independently at least once a week. Employees of a company are entitled to 2 tests per week by their employer.
  2. Clinical masks or FFP2-masks are mandatory.
  3. Guests at MotionLab.Berlin are only allowed with a certified same-day negative test.
  4. No events and gatherings of more than 5 people.

Furthermore, we would like to point out again the urgency of the following points: 


  1. It is mandatory to use our CoviD19 sign-in terminal each day at the front desk or the posted QR codes at the entrance doors for contact tracking.
  2. All members are urged to get tested in one of the now city-wide 170 locations or to check themselves with so-called self-tests to exclude a coronavirus infection.