We are a big fan of working together and the Open Space we have created. Nevertheless, we know how important it is to retreat from time to time and work concentratedly. Especially if you are at the beginning of your project, and wish to keep your prototype hidden from potential competitors. This is exactly where our MakerGarage comes into play. With it, you create a private and fenced-off space in the middle of our Open Space. Your retreat, for the development and optimization of your prototype.

Because we all know: Every great idea was born in a garage.

So that you can realize your projects even more effectively, we give you complete freedom to design your MakerGarage. This means that you decide where your tools and your laptop will be stored – perfectly adapted to you and your needs.

Immerse yourself in a place where inspiration, innovation and a unique community come together.

No matter what your project looks like. Whether you want to build a bike, or even something as big as a ship. Choose your perfect garage size and adapt it to your wishes and individual needs.

Choose the perfect MakerGarage for your project



approx. 15sqm

incl. 1 ProfessionalMembership



approx. 25sqm

incl. 2 ProfessionalMemberships



approx. 35sqm

incl. 3 Professional-Memberships



approx. 50sqm

incl. 4 Professional-Memberships



approx. 100sqm

incl. 5 Professional-Memberships

Pricing Overview MakerGarages

Receive our price overview for our MakerGarages directly via e-mail. 

Any questions?

Make an appointment with our Community Manager Lili and discover your new workplace during a tour through our space