To solve challenges in mobility, climate and health,
it takes more than apps! We create places and a community,
that supports people and ideas that will change
the world of tomorrow.


We support founders and talents to realize their ideas
and accompany them to achieve their goals faster, cheaper
and with the right knowledge and network
up to series production.


More than just a group of people,
walking into each other's offices every day.
We're friends, supporters, critics.
We are as colourful as our community.
From Techie to entrepreneur.



I am founder, organizer & tech enthusiast. As one of the three founders I mediate between strategic topics and technology, machines and prototypes.

"I want to create a place where people with hardware enthusiasm can successfully develop products."



I take care of all the numbers, dates, facts and the strategy. My passion are startups and working as a sparring partner, mentor and coach.

"MotionLab stands for pure self-realization. To create a place that works on people and ideas that will change the world."



I am one of the MotionLab founders and the visionary of the team.

"Actually I just wanted to build a bike. When I realized that there was no right place for it, I started one myself."


Workshop Leiter

My task is to create, design and maintain work/living spaces, expansion.

"What I value most here? The varied activities and people. The self-determined work and our top team!"


Event und Community Manager

As an event and community manager, I like to provide insights, training and inspiration opportunities which go beyond a tech/mobility reference.

"What makes MotionLab so special? To test new vehicles without road approval our test area."


Facility Manager

In addition to the maintenance of the premises, my main task is to have an open ear for problems and suggestions for improvement.

"No two days are the same. I appreciate the really amazing people here, as well as the various exciting activities - often with "wow" results."


Head of Marketing

My task is to sustainably establish MotionLab as a strong brand and thereby reach more people who want to turn their ideas into reality.

"The unique workspace, the good atmosphere and the exciting projects amazed me right from the start".



I am an architecture student and take care of interior design. I'm always involved when something needs to be designed and built.

"Here I can immediately implement any crazy idea, even without too much specialist knowledge. The motto is: Try it now, study later".


Customer and Community Manager

As Customer and Community Manager I work at our Front Desk and try to welcome everyone and make them happy.

"The MotionLab is a space for infinite possibilities and everything is always in motion".


Brand Strategy

In the course of my studies, I am doing an internship in the area of brand strategy and I am responsible for everything related to marketing and social media. "I am most impressed by the atmosphere in the MotionLab. It is full of creativity and passion!"

Aravinth Panch

Head of International Partnerships & Member of Advisory Board

My mission is to empower the entrepreneurs and hardware startups to go from idea to production swiftly & smoothly.