Our machinery

In line with our motto, ‘from the idea to the series’ – we offer at our unique location, the optimal infrastructure for the development from first ideas to small series production. From 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, textiles and wood to metal labs, we offer everything a prototyper’s could only dream of. Furthermore, our coworking membership already gives you access to various tools and equipment.

3D-Printing Lab

Markforged Mark Two Gen II

Markforged Mark Two

Delta WASP 3MT Industrial


Formlabs Form 3

Delta WASP 4070 Industrial


Formlabs Form 2

Delta WASP 2040 Turbo

Formlabs Wash

Delta WASP 2040 Clay


Formlabs Cure

Do you want to learn how to use the SLA, Delta FDM or FDM printer? Or even better, you have an idea but are not sure how to 3D print? Why don’t you take part in a workshop and learn how to produce it all by yourself.

Lasercutting Lab

GS Laser GS 6090 PR

GS Laser GS 90130 PR

Never worked with a laser cutter before? Join our community and and learn how to cut, how to engrave and build amazing products. More about our workshops.

Electronic Lab

PCB-Mill LPKF Protomat S63

PeakTech 6080

Weller Professional WE 1010

IMPLOTEX air compressor


Joy-it JDS6600 Signal Generator - Counter



T962 Reflow Ofen

Textile Lab

TYPICAL, Model GC6-1-D3E

Battistella Vaporino Maxi Steam Generator

PixMax 38x38cm Transferpresse, Telefonmatte

PixMax 72cm Vinyl Schneideplotter

Wood Lab

Winter Holztechnik Routermax 1325 deluxe

Scheppach bts800

Güde typ gtb 20-12s

Sandstrahlkabine Tischgerät 90 L

Metal Labs

Emco Concept Mill 155

Knuth DSB200

Deckel Maho FP3-50

KMS 200 S Bernardo

Schaublin 135

Makita 2414en

Optimum optidrill Bi7pro

CNC milling, turning, welding, learn all about metalworking in our weekly workshops and realize your ideas! Learn more about our community and our workshops.

E-Tools & Equipment

Makita djr 186

Mitre Saw Bosch Blau GCM 800 SJ

Bosch PTS 10

Bosch Blau Gss

Bosch Blau Gsr 18-2

Makita DSS501Z

Bosch grün pex 300ae

Dremel 3000

Bosch Blau Gop q8v

Makita DDF482

Bosch Blau Gws 18-125

JOKE ENESKAmicro 600 Steuergerät

Bosch Blau 18v

Duro Pro DTS1200

Bosch Blau Gst 18v

Bosch Blau gks 18v-57 g

Do you have a question about one of our machines? Send us a message!