whitepaper sourcing and production bicycle industry

Whitepaper on Sourcing and Production in the Bicycle Industry

    supply chain constraints: 25 insights into the bottlenecks, challenges
    and opportunities in the european bicycle industry

    part I: perceptions of industry dynamics

    How do manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers interact in the market? 

    How does the market work?

    part II: challenges of planning
    and model years

    How do manufacturers plan their production and how has Covid-19 affected this process? Are model years a thing of the past?

    part III: processes and challenges
    in sourcing and production

    How are parts sourced and assembled?
    What does the supply chain squeeze resulting from Covid-19 mean for manufacturers?

    part IV: perceptions of European competitiveness

    Is ‘Made in Europe’ possible in the future? 

    What has hindered the localisation of supply chains?

    part V: collaboration and cooperation

    In what areas are manufacturers willing to collaborate? What are the barriers to collaboration?

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