Daniel Shor

As Research Director, Europe at Innovobot, Daniel blends human contact and experiential context to build the future of haptic technology, focusing on developing devices that stimulate human connection and behaviors through vibrotactile feedback.

  • MSc in Product Design Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • He lectures at TU Delft in the Faculty of Industrial Design and the HCI department at FH Salzburg.

Jana Mendelski

Jana is a Berlin-based freelance innovation designer, coach and founder developing, shaping and introducing new product opportunities and agile methods and mindsets for organizations and companies

  • Graduated in Free Art as well as in Business Administration
  • Certified Design Thinking coach and facilitator at HPI Potsdam,
  • Teacher at the Design Faculty at University of Arts Berlin
  • Founder of compositive.bio.

Georg Meuser

Georg has 7+ years of experience in restructuring of SMBs and strategic business structuring of Startups, which combines a financial analysis and financial modelling together with strategic decision-making.

  • Consulted over 300 Startups, mentored over 100 Founders & built his own consultancy
  • Focus: Establishing a thorough understanding of a company’s financials + helping Startup founders understand, how to get funding for their ideas & developing financial plans

Daniel Flynn

Daniel spent ~9 years working with early stage technology startups. Most happy in the trenches of validating ideas, testing hypotheses and talking to customers.

  • Experienced in the whole early stage business lifecycle of acquiring customers, planning go-to-market, managing stakeholders and preparing for fundraising.
  • CEO & Co-Founder at Bearcover

Mark Caffrey

Mark is an applied physicist and biomedical engineer with significant experience building startups in MedTech and DeepTech. Mark has led the development of several innovative hardware technologies including medical imaging systems, brain-computer-interfaces, and oncology devices.

  • CEO at Syntropic Medical, a VC backed startup developing a novel new treatment for major depressive disorder

Fernando G. T. Chorne

Fernando started his professional career working on a concept using deep learning for driving assistance, successfully showcased to customers at Bosch. At the same time, he was publishing technical white papers on SLAM, AI and RL topics.

  • CTO at Bearcover
  • Looking forward to helping others grow to be technical leaders of the upcoming future
This is Selma Hadzic, mentor in our hardtech innovation accelerator startup program.

Selma Hadzic

Selma is a freelancer data tech lead with 10 years of experience and 5+ years of experience leading and scaling international teams.

  • Professional coach and diversity & inclusion consultant, guiding tech companies to close the gender gap.
  • Freelance Data expert
  • Founder and professional coach for females in Tech

Dana Alpar

Dana advises national and international investors, funds, technology-driven companies, and startups from early-stage to exit on venture capital and M&A transactions as well as other corporate matters.

  • Focus = providing legal guidance to venture capital funds, startups & large corporations in technology-driven industries
  • Associate at the international law firm Osborne Clarke
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Will Fischer

Will is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He has founded companies in the hardware space, including smart furniture and robotics and is no stranger to more technical R&D, spending years in nanotechnology R&D and material science research.

  • Master’s research at NASA & MBA from Chicago Booth
  • Investor, advisor, startup coach & serial entrepreneur

Kailas Ahders

Born in Germany, grew up in India. Kailas has a German law degree and has set up businesses in different European countries.

  • Head of Finance/Supply Chain Manager (Bearcover)
  • one of the few people that actually appreciate German administration wholeheartedly
  • loves helping startups navigate in German bureaucracy

Iva Jankovic

Iva has been working in innovation in Germany for over 8 years, focusing on PoC and product development in collaboration between corporate and startups.

  • Currently she is leading a product development unit within worlds 5th largest design agency, MetaDesign.

Arnas Bräutigam

Before co-founding AddedVal.io and startupdetector, Arnas worked in international and startup banking for 10 years.

  • He has a degree in economics
  • Loves cycling and cooking
  • Topics he covers: fundraising & financial models

Merijn Sanders

Merijn is a seasoned professional with over a decade of invaluable expertise in product development. 

  • With a diverse and extensive background, he has made substantial contributions across a broad spectrum of industries
  • From cutting-edge medical devices to high-power battery systems

Niclas Fritz

After supporting accelerators Hardware.co and TechFounders, as well as organizing events for hardware startups, Niclas founded BatchOne to support founders to bridge the gap between first prototype and mass production.

  • Started his career in the innovation department of T-Systems MMS, where he helped co-found the DTAG spin-off, Couchfunk
  • Later: associate partner at PULSAR Consulting with focus on innovation management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate venturing, and fundraising
  • Co-founder of the retail IoT company, rapitag
This is our Hardtech Innovation Mentor Richard Markoff out of our innovation network at MotionLab.Berlin.

Richard Markoff

Richard Markoff is a supply chain professor, author, coach, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Geneva.

  • Worked in supply chain for L’Oréal for 22 years, in different countrys, spanning the entire value chain from manufacturing to customer collaboration
  • Co-founder and operating partner of the venture capital platform Innovobot
This is our Hardtech Innovation mentor Philip Maximilian Gottschlich.

Philip Gottschlich

From building up sales structures, automated processes, CRMs and teams for startups, to product retail and trade fair sales, Philip is a professional in all areas around sales.

  • CEO/MD/Sales Coach (Gottschlich Produkt & Vertriebs GmbH) & ind. Head of Sales (Valkental)
  • Question techniques & storytelling in Sales
  • Prospecting – finding your dream client leads
  • He can teach startup sales teams how to get more clients to the exhibition stand than they can actually handle – and close business right away
This is our Hardtech Innovation Mentor Kai Jonas.

Kai Jonas

With around 20 years of experience in the tech-/healthcare business and two self-founded companies, Kai is a professional in business processes, structures and project management.

  • CEO kalucare GmbH & KEJ Digital Care Solutions UG
  • Focus on tech-strategy consulting and complex system integrations; owner of software for healthcare environments
  • Certified IT-security auditor
  • Passion for useful technology & innovative ideas
  • Startup advisor





Our CAD expert Lenni will show you in a 1x1 coaching or workshops how to design with CAD.

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