City of Berlin JavaScript Conference 2023

CityJS – JavaScript Conference 2023 at MotionLab.Berlin

A JavaScript festival in Berlin – All about JS Frameworks, NodeJS, TypeScript, Testing, IoT, Jamstack, CI/CD, Security, WebXR.

Are you excited to learn more about JS Frameworks, NodeJS, TypeScript, Testing, IoT, and more?
CityJS Berlin Conference is an exciting and vibrant event that brings together JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, and industry professionals in Berlin and beyond. This conference serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering innovation within the JavaScript community.
The CityJS Berlin conference is a 3 day event that includes workshops, FREE meetup, and an main event. During the events you can meet and hear from the most audacious and provocative speakers in the JavaScript conferences. If you’re a developer, an architect, a CTO, this is the best time to get ideas and learn what is new and upcoming in the JavaScript & Frontend world.

CityJS – Java Script Conference agenda:

Meetup: Wednesday, 1 November 2023
Location: Office
Sponsors’ Workshop: Thursday, 2 November 2023
Location: MotionLab.Berlin
Main Conference: Friday, 3 November 2023
Location: MotionLab.Berlin
Join the conference on the 3rd of November at MotionLab.Berlin and one of the limited tickets now!


Nov 03 2023


8:00 - 18:00


Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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