Join this masterclass on the topic of investment essentials like due diligence for startups at our Strategic Funding Bootcamp 2024 at MotionLab.Berlin.

Masterclass: Mastering Investment Essentials | Strategic Funding Bootcamp 2024

Explore the critical aspects of due diligence, and the significance of CAP tables, and gain an overview of crafting an impactful pitch deck.

Mastering Investment Essentials with Jeff Katz from 1.5 Ventures

  • Date & Time: 23.01.2024 – 1 to 4 PM
  • Event location: MotionLab.Berlin; campus Alt-Treptow
  • Tickets:

🌟Delve deeper into the essential components of successful investments with Part II of our series featuring Jeff Katz, Managing Partner at 1.5 Ventures.

In this session, we will unravel the critical aspects of due diligence, explore the significance of CAP tables, and provide a concise overview of crafting an impactful pitch deck. Join us to gain the knowledge needed to navigate the intricacies of the investment landscape and make informed decisions for your venture.

🔍 What You Will Learn:

Due Diligence Documents:

  • Explore the significance of due diligence in the investment process.
  • Identify and understand the key documents required for thorough due diligence.
  • Learn how to prepare and present due diligence documents effectively.

CAP Tables:

  • Gain insights into the importance of Capitalization (CAP) tables in the context of investments.
  • Understand how CAP tables represent the ownership structure of a company.
  • Learn how to interpret and leverage CAP tables for strategic decision-making.

Pitch Deck Essentials:

  • Receive a brief overview of what makes a pitch deck compelling and effective.
  • Understand the key elements that should be included in a great pitch deck.
  • Learn tips and best practices for creating a pitch deck that resonates with investors.

This event is designed to provide practical knowledge and actionable insights into the specific components of the investment process. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of due diligence practices, the significance of CAP tables, and the essentials of crafting a persuasive pitch deck. These skills are crucial for entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone involved in the fundraising and investment ecosystem.

📌 Who Should Attend:

Whether you’re actively seeking investment, refining your business strategy, or keen on understanding the finer details of due diligence and investor communication, this event is for you.

🎫 Reserve Your Spot:

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from an industry insider! Secure your spot today by registering for this masterclass on Limited seats available, so act swiftly.

This event is part of the Strategic Funding Bootcamp, please check the whole program here.


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Jan 23 2024


13:00 - 16:00


Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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