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Masterclass: Nuances Of Scaling A Product from 1 to 100 Units | Hardware Prototyping Bootcamp 2024

“1 to 100”: The Nuances Of Scaling Production From One To A Hundred Units

The journey from prototypes to large-scale production! Get insights and expert tips on how to scale your production by attending this masterclass at our Hardware Prototyping Bootcamp 2024.

🔍 Event Overview:
Join us for “1 to 100”: The nuances of scaling production from one to a hundred units. Expert Georg Heinrich, Interim Manager at a Tier 1 Supplier in the Automotive and General Machinery Industry, will share insights on the journey from prototypes to large-scale production, covering certifications, quality assurance, and regulatory requirements.

📚 What You Will Learn:

  1. Navigate the stages of scaling a product from initial prototypes to mass production.
  2. Understand the importance of certifications, materials, and quality assurance in the scaling process.
  3. Gain insights into regulatory requirements and how to ensure compliance.
  4. Learn from real-world experiences and challenges faced during product scaling.

🎯 Who Should Attend:
This Masterclass is essential for early-stage startup founders and entrepreneurs aiming to scale their products. Whether you’re at the prototype stage or preparing for mass production, join us to gain invaluable insights and guidance from industry expert Georg Heinrich.

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Apr 23 2024


14:00 - 15:30


Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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