Workshop – Introduction to 3D printing with SLA technology

Learn 3d printing in high definition!

About this event

In this one and a half-hours workshop you will learn how to use a SLA 3D printer. This technology allows you to produce high-definition and high-quality 3D printed models with different types of photo-reactive resin material. By the end of the session, you will have gone through the whole production process of a SLA printed piece: from preparing your data, to printing and post producing an object, and you will be able to work independently with SLA 3D printers.

Although you don’t need to have any previous experience with 3D printing for this workshop, it is important for you to have some basic knowledge about 3D modeling. If you don’t have it, we recommend attending before the Introduction to CAD design with Autodesk Fusion 360 Workshop.

Learning outcome

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Design geometries suitable for prototyping with a SLA Printing
  • Understand the difference between SLA and FDM Printers
  • Prepare your 3D file using Formlabs Preform slicing software
  • Use the Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 3D printers

By the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to present a project of your own to the instructor, and review the plan you have for 3D printing it.

Completing this workshop, with the corresponding membership, will also grant you access to the Formlabs SLA Printers at MotionLab.Berlin.


For this course you will need:

  • A laptop with Formlabs Preform software pre installed (You can download the free software HERE)
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel

Other materials for the workshop will be provided to you and are included in the price.

This workshop is held in English, and in German at specific request.


Jun 08 2023


11:00 - 13:00




Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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