Presenting the new Prusa 3D Printer Hub


MotionLab.Berlin has officially partnered with Prusa 3D to launch an exciting new 3D printing lab within MotionLab.Berlin’s Alt-Treptow Hub.

MotionLab.Berlin has officially partnered with Prusa 3D to launch an exciting new 3D printing lab within MotionLab.Berlin’s Alt-Treptow Hub

We are presenting our new Prusa 3D Hub – a vibrant community-driven 3D printer lab that aims to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection among 3D printing enthusiasts in Berlin!

Paul Marx, MotionLab.Berlin’s Markerspace Manager has been working with his team to bring the new lab to life, setting up twenty brand-new Prusa printers for MotionLab.Berlin members to use. He says, “The Prusa 3D printers just perfectly fit the needs and wishes of our ecosystem and community. They are reliable, easy to use, fast, precise, can print a variety of materials, and last but not least, they are easy to repair.”

After setting up the hub and working on the new, state-of-the-art machines, he remarks, “The combination of a super mighty slicer, the “PrusaSlicer”, the Prusa 3D printer, and Prusament makes everything as easy and reliable as it can get. It saves a huge amount of time not having to figure out the perfect settings for your prints. You leave the freshly started machine with that little smile you only get when you know everything will work out fine.”

Welcome to our brand new Prusa 3D Hub in Berlin Alt-Treptow at MotionLab.Berlin.
The first workshop in our brand new Prusa 3D Hub.
We celebrated the partnership of MotionLab.Berlin and Prusa 3D in our brand new 3D printer Lab.


Our members can now enjoy:

“There are nearly no limitations with Prusa filament. Even big and multi-color or multi-material prints are doable since we have the XL with five tool heads. For sensitive materials, we can provide stable surroundings within the enclosures of the MK4’s. And if they want to get more detailed with different material properties, they go over to the SL1S Speed. The sky’s the limit,” says Paul.


With twenty new 3D printers installed and available to Book for use, we can’t wait to see all the creations being worked on in the Prusa Hub! Here’s a list of the Prusa printers now available at MotionLab.Berlin.

Prusa XL

1 available in the Prusa Hub

This is the newest high-end Prusa XL 3d printer with 5 heads to print different materials at the same time and within one 3d print.
© Prusa Research a.s.

The Original Prusa XL runs on the latest embedded 32-bit platform with support for ultra-fast printing thanks to the native implementation of Input Shaper and Pressure Advance. Combined with the next-generation extruder, Nextruder, and its Loadcell sensor, the system can deliver an always-perfect first layer across the entire print surface – even in the five-head configuration! While the printer is compatible with the Prusa Connect network solution, it can be fully operated offline without any sacrifices in user comfort.*

Prusa MINI+

2 available in the Prusa Hub

The Original Prusa MINI+ is a smart, compact and fast 3D printing workhorse , equipped with all the bells and whistles you expect from an Original Prusa 3D printer. The MINI+ is sure to surprise you! With a print volume of 18cm (7″) in the cube, removable spring steel panels, Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi, it is built on Prusa’s custom-made 32-bit embedded platform with quiet 2209 Trinamic drivers .

It’s packed with many of the features you’ll find on its larger siblings – super-fast printing thanks to Input Shaper and Pressure Advance, remote print management via Prusa Connect, OTA firmware updates, advanced security features and support for advanced materials – even PA- 11 (280 °C nozzle and 100 °C heat bed). It is open source, easy to maintain and open to modifications, optimizations and tinkering.*

In our 3d printing workshop you can find the Prusa Mini+ 3d printer.
© Prusa Research a.s.

Prusa MK4

11 available in the Prusa Hub

In our 3d printing workshop you can find the Prusa MK4 3d printer.
© Prusa Research a.s.

The Original Prusa MK4 is built around Prusa’s new 32-bit connected architecture and the next-generation extruder (Nextruder). It lays down a perfect first layer every time without Live Adjust Z and it has support for high-speed printing with Input Shaper and Pressure Advance. It has improved safety features and a ton of useful things, such as quick-swap nozzles, built-in support for remote printing and webcams, and many more. And it’s still beautifully quiet.*


3 available in the Prusa Hub

The Original Prusa SL1S SPEED is here! Compared to the original SL1, the new SL1S 3D printer offers vastly improved print quality, a 25% larger print area, and up to three times faster printing with only 1.4 second exposure time per layer. Short exposure times combined with the built-in tilt mechanism enable you to print up to a 150mm tall object in three hours.

The SL1S is the perfect choice for producing extremely detailed 3D prints – fast! No matter whether you want to produce highly detailed sculpts, design and prototype, or you need a reliable workhorse for your workshop or lab, the SL1S delivers outstanding results across the board. Prusa also offers an upgrade kit for your SL1.*

This is the Prusa SL1S SPEED 3d printer, which you can use in our 3d printing Berlin Lab at MotionLab.Berlin.
© Prusa Research a.s.

Prusa MK4 (with housing)

3 available in the Prusa Hub

In our 3d printing workshop you can find the Prusa MK4 with Enclosure to print even more different materials.
© Prusa Research a.s.

The Original Prusa Enclosure is an accessory for your 3D printer that houses your Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ or MK4 and provides a stable printing environment. The Enclosure helps to reduce odors from certain materials, lowers noise, can be equipped with useful addons for increased safety and/or the possibility to run the printer in public spaces and helps with printing advanced materials due to the passive heat coming from the heatbed (prevents warping). There is enough headroom above the printer inside the enclosure to mount the MMU2S unit.*


The partnership between MotionLab.Berlin and Prusa 3D has birthed an exciting venture: the new Prusa 3D Hub, a dynamic community-centered 3D printing lab. With a plethora of state-of-the-art Prusa printers now available at MotionLab.Berlin, members gain access to cutting-edge technology, workshops, and discounts on Prusa products and materials. From the compact yet powerful MINI+ to the versatile XL and the fast SL1S SPEED, the Prusa 3D printer Hub offers an array of options to bring your ideas and prototypes to life.

Eager to explore the possibilities? Come visit our new workshop and get hands-on experience with our Prusa printers through one of our 3D printing workshops. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into the world of 3D printing at MotionLab.Berlin’s brand new Prusa Hub.

*Note: The above Prusa 3D printer descriptions are directly from the Prusa product website. For further details and specifications about each of these printers, please refer to the official Prusa product website.

Photos by Geraldine Nirschl and Varinhia Giedeck