#NetworkInMotion – MotionLab.Berlin Partner Brunch 2024

At MotionLab.Berlin, we believe in the power of connections to drive innovation and foster collaboration for a more sustainable future. Following the success of our first Partner Dinner in January 2024, where stakeholders gathered to build a purpose-driven ecosystem, we continued our journey with our next #NetworkInMotion event on the topic of global expansion: Our Partner Brunch!

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Fostering learning & collaboration – MotorSkins & CIEE

Collaboration, creativity, and openness are at the core of the MotorSkin team culture. Part of this spirit is embodied by their younger team members - the engineering students they welcome for short-term internships. The partnership between MotionLab.Berlin and CIEE facilitates hassle-free internship programs that fit different startup’s working styles. Find out more!

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Key Takeaways – Strategic Funding Bootcamp 2024

Behind the scenes & expert tips: MotionLab.Berlin's latest Strategic Funding Bootcamp, where experts shared essential fundraising insights for startups, from navigating investment terrains to mastering investment essentials and unlocking the grant landscape. Get to know all key takeaways on the most important areas of startup fundraising!

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The first MotionLab.Berlin Partner Dinner 2024

Last week it finally happened, a dream for all of us at MotionLab.Berlin became reality, we hosted our very first annual Partner Dinner with the vision of building a purpose-driven ecosystem where people from different sectors connect with each other with the shared goal to support hardtech startups to work together towards a more sustainable future. Discover all the highlights of the event!

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This is Lite&Fog | The MotionLab.Ventures startup portfolio

Today we would like to introduce you to the startup out of our MotionLab.Ventures startup portfolio that has been with us since the very beginning: Lite&Fog. Lite&Fog, a pioneer in the agricultural industry, revolutionising farming through fogponics technology. Get to know Lite&Fog and their innovation!

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The re:Mix – Open Funk’s Vision for Circular Home Electronics

“From electronic waste and huge CO2 emissions to poor working conditions and long supply chains, home appliances contribute to some of the world’s most serious [...] problems. They break easily, inhibit repairs, and offer spare parts at exorbitant costs. We started Open Funk to provide an alternative.” Get to know more about the team. their vision and the re:Mix!

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MotionLab.Ventures – The newest branch of MotionLab.Berlin

5 months ago we announced our newest entity: MotionLab.Ventures. Since then we have been actively engaging with hardtech Startups to invest in. But before we dive into what our pre-seed venture and startup investment support is all about, let's take a look back and learn all about it, how it came to be.

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