Reversing climate change using Direct Air Capture

"NeoCarbon strives for a planet where CO2 emissions from industries such as aviation or agriculture become a relic of the past."

NeoCarbon, one of our startups from the MakeUp Hardtech Innovation program, will soon be standing on its own two feet! But before we see them go, they will participate in our Demo Day on October 27th, 2022.

This will be the opportunity for you to get together with our community and ecosystem and learn more about this amazing startup. And also many thanks to our sponsors #ESF and #BerlinSenat for making it all possible.

Who and what is NeoCarbon?

NeoCarbon strives for a planet where CO2 emissions from industries such as aviation or agriculture become a relic of the past. The founders, René Haas (CEO) and Silvain Toromanoff (CTO) have known since an early age that they wanted to use their privilege to make an impact on the world, in particular regarding climate change. Together, they created NeoCarbon, a startup dedicating its resources to changing our current approach to residual waste from industrial plants and not utilized airflows.
This is NeoCarbon


Climate change experts all around the world agree on one thing: we need to remove 10 – 20 billion tons of CO2 per year by 2050. Using Direct Air Capture (DAC), NeoCarbon leverages existing airflow and wasted heat from industrial cooling towers. It captures emitted CO2 and “cleans” it, permitting vast industrial plants to lower their CO2 emissions as well as reusing the captured CO2 for other purposes. This allows a drastic cut in costs related to DAC (quite costly on its own), which in the long term can only encourage other industrial plants to lean towards such technology. Imagine! It could potentially mean that billions of tons of CO2 could be captured every year, a vast share of humanity’s long-term needs. In our opinion, this is revolutionary!

NeoCarbon and the MakeUp Hardtech Innovation program

This is why we are so proud of counting NeoCarbon as our MakeUp Hardtech Innovation program member! When it comes to environmental innovation, we believe innovations like NeoCarbon’s are exactly a reflection of what we had in mind when we started this program. The development of viable hardtech solutions is key to combating climate change and to facilitating the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. When asked why he joined the MakeUp Hardtech Innovation program, René Haas answered: “MotionLab.Berlin was the incubator aligning the most with our values, plus their expertise on hardtech processes such as welding was really a decisive point for us”. 

If you’re excited about this as much as we are, don’t forget to register for the Demo Day on the 27th of October!