#NetworkInMotion – MotionLab.Berlin Partner Brunch 2024

At MotionLab.Berlin, we believe in the power of connections to drive innovation and foster collaboration for a more sustainable future. Following the success of our first Partner Dinner in January 2024, where stakeholders gathered to build a purpose-driven ecosystem, we continued our journey with our next #NetworkInMotion event on the topic of global expansion: Our Partner Brunch!

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Fostering learning & collaboration – MotorSkins & CIEE

Collaboration, creativity, and openness are at the core of the MotorSkin team culture. Part of this spirit is embodied by their younger team members - the engineering students they welcome for short-term internships. The partnership between MotionLab.Berlin and CIEE facilitates hassle-free internship programs that fit different startup’s working styles. Find out more!

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