DenkArt | Utopia of a new work culture

Human, work! Utopia of a new work culture.

  • 29 November 2023 at 7.00 pm
  • MotionLab Berlin, Bouchéstraße 12, Halle 20, 12435 Berlin-Alt-Treptow
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Work plays an important and central role for most people. The frequently asked question “What do you do?” is predominantly related to (gainful) employment. If work determines our everyday lives and the way we function as a society, then we need to ask ourselves the question at the latest in this time of transformation through artificial intelligence, automation, socio-demographic changes and climate change: How and for what do we actually want to work in the future? To do this, we should first consider what work actually is and what meaning it gives us humans. What needs must be satisfied and what conditions must be in place to enable a forward-looking and holistic concept of good new work culture? Good work that does not necessarily mean gainful employment. How do we imagine the work of the future? A positive narrative, whether realistic or dreamy, makes the difference as to whether I or we can imagine a positive change or remain stuck in old behavioural patterns and perspectives. Utopias think differently and show possibilities for change. They have the power to change our consciousness.

We dare to take a courageous look ahead and discuss work utopias and the value of good work in our society:

Barbara Prainsack (Professor of Comparative Policy Analysis at the University of Vienna and author of “Wofür wir arbeiten”, 2023),

Christian Kellermann (Professor of Labour and Digitalisation at the University of Labour in Frankfurt am Main and author of “Adam and Ada”, 2023) and

Jan Dieren (SPD Member of Parliament, including full member of the Committee on Labour and Social Affairs)

Moderated by Mirjam Stegherr (journalist and communications consultant)


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Nov 29 2023


19:00 - 22:00


Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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