Innovation Workshop | Electronic Prototyping & Soldering Mastery

Innovation at the Intersection: Electronic Prototyping & Soldering Mastery

Join us at MotionLab.Berlin for a workshop featuring Eric Pan, Seeed Studio’s Founder & CEO, and Mitch Altman, hacker, inventor, and Cornfield Electronics co-founder. This event, focused on rapid electronic prototyping and soldering, invites you to explore tech DIY culture with leading industry pioneers.

Eric Pan & Seeed Studio: Adding AI to the electronics

Eric Pan introduces agile methods for transforming ideas into prototypes and products. Seeed Studio, known for empowering makers with accessible technology and agile manufacturing, has been a catalyst for global innovation since 2008. This session will demonstrate tiny machine learning for end point electronics, and interact with edge local LLM devices.

Workshop Session: “Building AI hardware Prototypes Fast”

Fast-track your electronic project ideas with insights from Eric Pan, covering:

  • Rapid prototyping tools and techniques for tiny machine learning
  • Leveraging modular electronics to build your own AI pin
  • Understand scenes by local LLM (Llava)


Mitch Altman: A Mentor in Making and Soldering

Mitch Altman, inventor of the TV-B-Gone and a prominent figure in the maker movement, shares his expertise in DIY electronics and soldering. As a mentor at HAX and founder of the Noisebridge hackerspace, Mitch has dedicated years to teaching and inspiring makers globally. a Whether you’re new to soldering or looking to enhance your skills, Mitch’s session is an invaluable hands-on experience to learn and create.

Workshop Session: Mitch Altman’s World-Famous Soldering Workshop

This hands-on session welcomes all, from beginners to experienced makers, to master the art of soldering. Participants will:

  • Learn soldering basics or refine existing skills.
  • Create their own electronic gadgets under expert guidance.
  • Explore the joy of DIY electronics and open-source hardware.


Event Highlights:

  • Learn rapid prototyping with Eric Pan.
  • Master soldering with Mitch Altman.
  • Network with tech enthusiasts and creative minds.


Why Attend?

This workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for tech enthusiasts, makers, and anyone interested in electronic DIY projects to learn from Eric Pan and Mitch Altman. Admission is free, but please bring €10 in cash for soldering materials.

Limited Seats – RSVP Now! Don’t miss this unique chance for hands-on learning and innovation at MotionLab.Berlin. Join us for an afternoon filled with creativity, making, and networking.


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Apr 12 2024


14:00 - 16:00


Bouchéstraße 12 Halle 20 12435 Berlin
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