We have a new METAlWORKING LAB!


What is new?

We have a new Metal Lab! More machines, more metalworking options and more opportunities to get creative! Within the last months, Paul, our Maker Space Manager, worked on a complete makeover of our Metal Lab.

What exactly is new? Spoiler: A lot! 🙂 We needed 158 working hours on this project, have 8 new metalworking machines, 3 new tech partners and 1 proud Paul.

Our metal lab is one of our 6 labs at MotionLab.Berlin. In line with our motto “from idea to series” – we offer at our workspace the optimal machinery infrastructure for the development from first ideas to small series production. With our membership packages, you don’t just get access to our makerspace Berlin, hardtech community, entrepreneurship ecosystem, coworking space and machinery. You can also meet all our experts, member startups and business coaches. And if you don’t know how to use the machines to finalize your project? Join our workshops and learn more! 


We got 8 new machines which make our metal lab more diverse for different application processes and metalworking!

Next to our currently existing machines, we added 8 more machines to our space. The machinery that we already had: CNC mill, manual lathe, angle grinder, drill press, disk sander and belt sander. Our new machines and tools are: 


3 new and long-term tech partners are on board.

With all our tech partners we ensure a fast communication, regular maintenance  and a direct feedback process in case of any questions and issues.

  • 6 of our new metal work machines and tools are from our tech partner KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen. The machines are mostly for manual processing of metal in the machine area.
  • We also integrated 2 new welding machines from our tech partner EWM.
  • From now on we use the welding gas from the company Air Products.


More space for large projects! We swapped the welding area and the machine area.

The welding area is now located next to the loading access point of the lab. This makes it easier to work with large raw materials or finish large projects ready for transportation.


What current metalworking projects are done in our metal lab?

Our members created amazing projects here:

  • Building a bicycle frame/structure for cargo bikes from raw material to finished construction – daily bread of our members Velofracht
  • Designer furniture like the chairs by Robert Suchan
  • Single part or small batch production of machine components like Nick mills and turns parts for Cindy’s clay printer.
  • Complete implementation of creative installations. Nick builds rotatable and illuminated installations in the form of a satellite for Collage Collective.
  • More startups that work in our metal lab: Tier Mobility, SunCrafter & THEO.


How can I learn how to use the machinery and realize my project?

We offer plenty of (metalworking) workshops that you can book via Eventbrite. You can find an overview here. The welding area can be booked in our member portal CoBot.